Russian Hair Extension

Russian Hair Extension

This blog is a blog special. Because we want to talk with you about something special. Something we wanted to save for the moment that we were confident enough to say that this is going to be a huge success for KILLON.

We want to talk with you about Russian Hair! Over the last couple of months we had three wonderful KILLON hair events, one in Holland and two abroad (Belgium and Germany). 

Those events were eye-openers for KILLON. We attracted customers from all over Europe who were particularly astonished by the quality of our new Russian Hair Products, the Hair Weave and the Hair ExtensionTape. Of course the products that we started KILLON with, the famous Clipin and Hair Jewel were also very much in demand - like always we may add - but introducing something new is always exciting. What will the reaction of the audience be? What do they think when they see and feel the product? Next to the showcases at the events we also presented the new range to our loyal customers, the hair stylists in Holland and all over Europe. And they too were extremely positive about the look, feel, quality and colors of our top of the range products.  

For us that was a great relief, to tell you the truth, because getting hold of real Russian Hair is not an easy task. The idea came when we wanted to expand our range of products. As good as the Clipin and Hair Jewel are, we wanted a permanent Extension in our collection too. So we decided: why not go for the best hair that Extensions have to offer? So our quest for real Russian Hair began. Hair suppliers all over the world try to find this hair but most of them fail to succeed due to the limited availability of real natural Russian hair. This hair is of the purest, silkiest quality you can find. It has been grown in the cold Siberian regions and has never been chemically treated. After a long search we find a trusted supplier.                                                                                   

Then we decided to use two products for the hair, the Hair Weave and the Tape Extension. The Hair Weave is a method where hair wefts are sewn onto braided or micro chipped hair and styled to any desired style. The Hair Weave comes in two variations: machine-made or handwoven (with a wafer thin flange). Tape Extensions are thin tape wefts, that get 'taped-in' in between your own hair. Like weaving this method is 100% natural and requires no tools or chemicals, and the hair is reusable! Both Hair Weave and Tape Extension come in 40 or 50 cm. And of course our products are available now, but not - as you can understand – in large quantities. We hope to hear from you soon!

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KILLON Pure Russian Hair

Voor de Hair Weave en de Tape Extension gebruikt KILLON het Pure Slavic Hair, dus het beste van het allerbeste. Russisch haar is simpelweg het meest magnifieke, kostbaarste en ook zeldzaamste haarsoort voor hair extensions ter wereld. Wij weten precies wat nodig is om van elke klant een tevreden klant te maken. Kortom: we zijn er helemaal voor haar. Welke look je ook kiest, met KILLON als verleidelijk wapen, krijg je de wereld aan je voeten.


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