KILLON went through the roof with Russian Hair

KILLON went through the roof with Russian Hair

(Due to international demand KILLON's newsletter will be in English from now on).

We at KILLON are perfectionists. We strive for the best in Hair Extensions. And we also believe that quality and hard work always pay off. In a few years time, when we look back at the moment everything fell into place, we certainly will think of the two hair fairs we did in late winter and early spring of 2019.

First we had a stand in February at the Hair Project in Kortrijk, Belgium. A great success, but it was only the beginning. Because a month later at Top Hair in Dusseldorf our KILLON stand went through the roof! It was there that we realized that we can attract an international audience with our products. Without knowing that it would happen there we tapped into a new market. When we look at our latest clients, we see a lot of people from Germany and France. And this is a great compliment and a confirmation that we are doing well!

Next to this success we can finally say that we can deliver our Russian Hair top of the line extensions, but please understand that because of the rarity of the product we cannot obtain large quantities. There is an international shortage of real Russian Hair, so we have to go with the flow of new and very rare material.

And if all of the above is not enough good news, we finally moved to our exclusive showroom at the Banstraat 22 in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. What our showroom is all about, is for our next newsletter that will be send out in only a few weeks.

Before we leave you with al this news, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and feedback we received from you. You have to know that this is highly appreciated!

With lots of love & joy,


KILLON Pure Russian Hair

Voor de Hair Weave en de Tape Extension gebruikt KILLON het Pure Slavic Hair, dus het beste van het allerbeste. Russisch haar is simpelweg het meest magnifieke, kostbaarste en ook zeldzaamste haarsoort voor hair extensions ter wereld. Wij weten precies wat nodig is om van elke klant een tevreden klant te maken. Kortom: we zijn er helemaal voor haar. Welke look je ook kiest, met KILLON als verleidelijk wapen, krijg je de wereld aan je voeten.


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