Welcome to KILLON's first salon

Welcome to KILLON's first salon

Our products of the highest quality Indian Hair and our top line of real Russian Hair, have finally found a fantastic home! And our salon, which we can finally show to the hairdressing world, is more beautiful than we could have imagined. Our dream has finally come true: to create a place in the beautiful and ultra-chic Amsterdam museum quarter. A space where we can receive customers the way we want: in a nice environment where nothing is too much and everything is possible.

A place where we can show how cool Extensions are and what you can do with them in terms of technique and style. Much more than many people think.

A salon where you can just fall in for advice, because hospitality is the magic word at KILLON. In addition, our salon is a place to develop new initiatives. That's how we came up with Entre Nous. An intimate and pleasant gathering of like-minded women with looks to kill for. The purpose of Entre Nous is to inspire and instruct. To you as a customer, to train you as a hair professional in how to apply and treat our various Extensions. And all in a cozy and luxurious ambiance, where a glass of champagne is not to be missed.

As KILLON we have always wanted to have closer contact with our customers, with you. But for a long time we didn't have a place where we could invite you. How wonderful it is, that we can now say that we have a salon where the door is wide open for you.



KILLON Pure Russian Hair

Voor de Hair Weave en de Tape Extension gebruikt KILLON het Pure Slavic Hair, dus het beste van het allerbeste. Russisch haar is simpelweg het meest magnifieke, kostbaarste en ook zeldzaamste haarsoort voor hair extensions ter wereld. Wij weten precies wat nodig is om van elke klant een tevreden klant te maken. Kortom: we zijn er helemaal voor haar. Welke look je ook kiest, met KILLON als verleidelijk wapen, krijg je de wereld aan je voeten.


Banstraat 22 Huis
1071 JZ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 20 44 530

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